Monday, May 7, 2012

Red Zebras, Sol Fest, and Mud Ballet: Just Another Typical Weekend.

Posing with the Indiana PTA President and some other VIP
Fiona was invited to attend the PTA Awards luncheon in Indianapolis this weekend. It turns out, she won first place in literature for the statewide "Reflections" project. Her winning story was about a little red zebra who is not accepted in the jungle because he is not black and white, like zebras should be. This very unique zebra is, in fact, extraordinary and the other animals decide to accept him, after all. It's quite the heartwarming tale, with the underlying theme of diversity. Needless to say, we were quite proud of her. We should all embrace with the little red zebra inside of us.

After the luncheon, we visited a plant nursery in Fishers, that was having a native plant sale. You can't really pass that up.

I'm not sure if she was allowed to frolic in the nursery fountain, but native plant people are pretty laid back. They didn't throw us out.

It was nice to spend the day celebrating Fiona's achievement, but it was also nice to get Cyd back. It's surprising how much I can miss each of them when we are not together.
Sunday was a beautiful day for Sol Fest, at Fox Island. We took a quick canoe trip. Notice the trepidation on the children's faces. I asked them to turn around so I could take their photo, because I am so annoying. They were terribly afraid of tipping the boat. I have never seen Cyd so still and quiet.

If there is water, they will be in it.
If there is muddy water, they will be bathing in it.
And dancing in it.

And doing ballet in it.


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