Sunday, April 17, 2011

We're Expecting

... a bounty of home-grown veggies this year.

Proper preparation of the soil is crucial. 
No worms were harmed in the making of this garden.
Cyd planted the lettuce seeds. We expect lettuce to grow everywhere, including the lawn. And possibly her nostrils.
 Sugar snap peas and beets, planted at dusk.
On your mark. Get set. Grow!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Am Not Ready For This

It was past Fiona's bedtime, after the story was read and the tucking was tucked, but she was still restless. 

I went in to tuck her into bed just a tad deeper and she said she had to tell me something important.


Our neighbor girl, who is 10 years old, is a very big part of Fiona's life and sits with her on the school bus every day. 

Fiona: "Neighbor girl (not her real name) told me something very bad."


"And I haven't told anyone about it. But I want to tell you now."


"And it's about boys."


Me: "It's okay. What was it?"

Fiona: "And it's kinda mean."


Fiona: "And it's yucky."

Me: Thinking, OMG, what is it? Kissing? It she talking to my baby about inappropriate things? 

Me, in real life: "It's okay, you can tell me and I won't be mad." (I'm secretly hyperventilating.)


Fiona, with a guilty, confessional voice: "Girls go to college to gain more knowledge. Boys go to Jupiter to get even stupider."

Me: Sigh of overwhelming relief. 

I stammered something about both girls and boys going to college to learn new things but deep down, I was THIS CLOSE to traumatized!