Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Sojourn in Cave City, KY, Deconstructed

 PART 1: The Wigwam Village, a Tourist Trap Adventure

PART 2: Sylvia goes to the hospital

I can't begin to tell you how disappointed I am in her. 

PART 3: The Hotel, a Study on Relative Luxury and Coping

Decent Mexican food and cocktails were within walking distance of the hotel.
They each got their favorite color from the gumball machine. We took it as a good sign as we worried about Sylvia.

PART 4: Mammoth Cave, a Geological Masterpiece

PART 5: Kayaking the Green River

PART 6: Enjoying the Rental Car Even Though We Hate it

PART 7: Still Stranded & Making Ourselves Comfortable in our New Home

She's not really drinking wine so don't go calling the authorities.

To be continued.

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