Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Soup's On. Bring on the Snow!

The wind is blowing.

Chicken pot pie is on the menu:

We celebrated the upcoming winter solstice (we like to celebrate early, to make it last longer) with one of our last bonfires of the season.  Our outdoor dinner came with a side of s'mores.

A giant bear stopped by unannounced.

Goodbye, autumn. It's been real.
I'm ready to bury myself in a hole and read every book on my list. I'm ready for hot chocolate and the scent of pine needles. But most of all, I'm ready for the peaceful silence of snow, which will soon be blanketing our earth. Not to mention giving the children something else to do besides ransacking the house for tiny toys to scatter all over my freshly mopped wood floors. 

Also, candy canes and sweet oranges. 

p.s. I made the crust for the pot pies from scratch. Even though I don't like to measure stuff. 

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