Monday, October 17, 2011

The End of A Season Never Tasted So Good

We have so loved our garden this year. The children have gotten involved and seem to have enjoyed the process of growing the things they find on their plate. One of our goals in life is to raise the majority of the food we eat. Since we consume mostly vegetables and eggs, this is a reasonable goal.
On Sunday, we picked the last of our tomatoes, most of which were green.
Cyd really likes the tiny yellow tomatoes. She picked those first.
Fiona wanted to be the one who collected the most tomatoes, so she went to town, picking all the green ones. 

We fried up some green tomatoes for lunch.

The harvest is so satisfying. How great would it be to be completely self-sufficient? We need to buy a cow, a chicken, and probably a goat. I cannot live without my goat cheese.
But for now, we have our small garden, which is currently cozy under a blanket of compost and leaves, ready for a nice winter's rest.

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