Monday, April 27, 2020

Quarantine, Hot Flashes, and Stolen Wine

It's been 7 hours and 36 days since we've been quarantined.

Fiona has finally stopped asking if we have any plans for next week. Cyd has learned to drink water since we keep running out of milk. She likes it with cucumbers and raspberries.

The first couple of weeks were weird but everyone was taking everything well. We (I) baked bread and ate a lot of pasta. We got used to working from home and eLearning. I'm a homebody so I enjoyed spending so much time in our tiny cocoon but the anxiety was bubbling, as it does, quietly, fiercely.

It's all fun and games during the day (it's not really fun and games, it's working and making food for everyone every 10 damn minutes, and washing all the dishes, and cleaning up the ketchup on the couch and telling Cyd to get off YouTube and do her homework) but the nights are a true reflection of my psyche. I've been waking up in the middle of the night, covered in sweat, heart racing, thinking I must have the Corona fever.

Here's an inconvenient truth: I think I'm starting to get menopause symptoms, what with all the night sweats and the sudden feeling that my body could ignite at any moment (though it's probably only perimenopause considering how young I am). So, I'm either dying from COVID-19, or I'm just getting old and burning to a slow, silent death. Either/or.

Here's a short little tidbit to brighten your day. I haven't told anyone about it because I still feel a bit guilty about the whole thing. It was week number two of staying home. I decided to order our groceries for delivery via a store which will remain unnamed in case there are repercussions. The day of the delivery, I received a text from the nice woman filling our order asking if we needed anything else added to our order. Yes, I texted back, could we add 3 limes? She immediately texted back: "Sure, no problem! Anything else?" I was so happy about the limes and her friendly demeanor that I asked: "Any chance you can add wine to our order?" She texted back, "Yes, what kind?" WHAT KIND? WHAT? So I told her a Chardonnay, thinking that we most likely wouldn't get it since I didn't think it was allowed. Long story short, she delivered our order and about half of the items were missing. We didn't get Clorox wipes, but we did get the wine. I checked the receipt and the wine wasn't listed so I felt kind of guilty that she stole wine for us. This was a big chain store, not locally owned, so I got over it. But I gave her a really good tip even before I knew about the illegal wine transaction. This is just between us. What happens in a pandemic, stays in a pandemic.

We've been doing a family challenge every Sunday with our family in southern Indiana. The first week was a family Tik Tok. Next was a fashion show, followed by an art challenge, among others. This weekend we had to recreate a famous work of art. Here's our submission.

I think Laura nailed it!

This week, we will focus on healthful eating and staying active by going on runs/walks/bike rides on the trail.. Fiona is our fearless and strict leader with the abs and strength training workouts, which are excruciating. But as they say, you're alive if you're in pain. Something like that.

Peace out. Stay safe.

My baby tomatoes are growing!

Betty is doing well. Thanks for asking. 

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