Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Break Re-Cap, for Those of You Not Following me on Twitter

It all started with Fiona leaving us for a short sojourn at her grandparents' for Spring Break. Happy as a clam, with her luggage and her gigantic bear in tow. She was in good hands.
We picked her up on Thursday and headed to Marengo, Indiana.

Our accommodations were quaint (rustic). Otherwise known as Little House on the Damn Prairie.
 Bathrooms were not only "Off-Site", you had to climb a mountain to get to them. At least the children got in the spirit of things. i.e. they didn't care at ALL about the bathrooms, or lack thereof. And showers? Who the hell needs them? Not us.
Laura, forever our fire maker, did not let us down.
 Sweet Cyd brought me a dandelion. It was beautiful in and of itself, but Instagram gave it that extra shine:
Our first meal was simple, yet delicious. I was thankful that we didn't have to hunt down some squirrels for dinner. Also, I was on the last book of "The Hunger Games". Therefore, I was ready to rough it out with the best of the victors. That being said, I was thankful for my store bought kosher dog. 
 Marengo National Park is dry. No alcoholic beverages allowed. How are we expected to survive without wifi, without bathrooms, without alcohol? Whatever. Secret cocktails were served.
 Fiona got busy, trying to make the cabin feel homey. It worked.
A few photos of the caves:

I spent most of the time clutching the children and thinking about the cave collapsing. I totally blame "The Hunger Games" for these irrational fears.
On our first evening, marshmallows were roasted. And, eaten by the dozen, apparently.
Fiona looks so refreshed, the following morning.

 Cyd, right below a bat in hibernation. She so wanted to pet it.
The girls hunted for treasures. For $8.95 each, they got a bag full of gemstones. 
This is what I look like when I spend a night in a rustic cabin with no heat, in 40 degree weather. Then again, this is what I always look like. But Fiona looks cute.

Identified flying Frisbee.
Flying Cyd.

On our final night, Luna was shining bright. Also, (not pictured, for apparent reasons), there was champagne.
 We came across this adorable site on the way home: "Beck's Mill".
 And then, on Easter Sunday, we decided to go down to the creek at the Stine farm, and just do whatever we felt like doing, which was get really wet and muddy. This is what we do.



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