Monday, December 12, 2011

Candy Canes, Soup and the Power of Now

It's time. For candy cane straws in oranges.
 And festive M&M pancakes.
And excessive love for our cats.
And goofy photo sessions.

And Chicken Tortilla Soup:

You can get the soup recipe from Pioneer Woman's blog. Except, let it be known: I made my broth from scratch, with a carcass and everything. Pioneer Woman used a boxed broth, because she doesn't have that kind of time on her hands. She's too busy being a successful blogger. Unlike myself. So, actually, never mind about the broth. Use whatever you have in your pantry. Pioneer Woman knows what she's doing. Obviously.

After dinner, we went out to see the lights in town.

It was a good Saturday night overall. We had to stop at Burger King for a bathroom break, because my children's bladder is the size of a thimble.  But the good news is that we went to bed early. And this means that the children get up even EARLIER than usual.

Fiona and I were up first on Sunday morning. We played "Guess Who?" I guessed who first for all four games. Then we decided to make Laura and Cyd breakfast in bed.

The "puffed pancake" didn't puff even though we measured stuff like real bakers. But it was still tasty. We decided to call it "pancake cake" instead. It worked.

And now, it's Monday and I'm trying not to miss yesterday. Because Eckhart Tolle assured me that the present moment is the only moment during which I can find inner peace. I haven't found it yet this morning, but that may be because I haven't had a single drop of caffeine.

Enjoy your week. I mean, enjoy the now. Apparently, there's power in it

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  1. Laura,

    Much better than the movie... "You do have a wonderful life!"

    F.S. Haltom