Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Epicurious, You Have Failed Me

Epicurious.com is my number one source for recipes. I like it because all the recipes are tested by reputable sources, such as Gourmet and Bon App├ętit. Also, you can save recipes in your virtual recipe box, plus it's just an easy site to navigate and search by ingredients or season. I've never made a dish using one of these recipes that didn't turn out as expected. Until tonight.

Behold the Portobello-Black Bean Burger with Corn Salsa fiasco:

Do not be fooled by the lovely plating.

Everything seemed to come together fine. All the ingredients were worthy, consisting mainly of chopped up mushrooms, black beans, bread crumbs and an array of spices. But the "burgers" turned out mushy and flavorless. And the corn salsa: meh.

I expect this sort of recipe fail from the likes of Pinterest, but not my beloved Epicurious. Also, it took a while to make, which makes me extra cranky about the whole thing.

I will still use Epicurious as a recipe source, because this was obviously an aberration. And maybe I did something wrong. Maybe it was me. Fine. I'll take responsibility for this disaster. Even though I did follow the recipe exactly. Except, I'll admit, my food processor wasn't large enough to contain all the ingredients, so I had to process the mushrooms separately from the rest and then blend everything together in a large bowl. That's probably where things went wrong. Dammit.

In other annoying news, this recipe makes a TON of disgusting, mushy burgers, which means we threw out a very large amount of food, while there are people dying of hunger. Epicurious, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Side note: Laura ate her entire burger in about 30 seconds. She is the least picky eater in the entire universe. I, on the other hand, am starving. I should have had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich like the children.

You live. You learn. You snack.

Peace out.

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