Friday, January 28, 2011

Potty Training Trickery

I really wanted to trick teach Cyd that the potty is where pee goes. Not Fiona's bedroom rug. Not the couch. Not the bed. And especially not in the corner of the living room where all the electrical cords meet.

So I (secretly, with Fiona as my accomplice) replaced her booster seat with the potty chair for dinner, and after a fabulous meal of I don't even remember what, she peed! In the potty! By mistake, but still!
Cyd is going through a "naked" stage right now, which is perfect considering all the random peeing that's going on.

She was very confused when it happened, being so used to pee trickling down her legs and the inevitable wipe down and very non-threatening reminder that she should pee in the potty.  But we clapped and clapped and clapped and gave her chocolate chips and I was so freakin' happy as I envisioned a diaper-free future.

I really need to stop worrying about pee so much. I've used the word "pee" way too many times in this post, so I'll stop now. But come on! This is a momentous event!

Then again, it's not exactly hygienic to urinate while eating. I suck as a mother.


  1. Girl, save all the guilt for later on when you really screw them up.....enjoy the naked, free for all, peeing during dinner you can.

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