Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I've become addicted to the so called "mommy blogs". Small things, minivans, suburban musings, uncensored. I feel so connected to them. Every pulse of my life is touched by my family, my children, my partner, my home. My facebook status is usually about the children, or food, or home. I am seldom inspired by work. Though I enjoy parts of it. The people, the ideas, the brain waves, even the numbers. But I could live without the work. I could never live without my people. Many of the bloggers I read are stay at home moms. I am especially addicted to "Enjoying the Small Things", written by a mom with a 3-year-old and a downs baby. That baby sucks me in. Her almond eyes and beautiful face often makes me shed tears. Happy ones.

(Photo by Kelle Hampton, from her blog "Enjoying the Small Things".)
Usually these blogs include photographs of the people involved. Many of these blogger moms are photographers, some professional, others amateur.
We are all connected by this vast and wonderful common ground.

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